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Mail Address:
Friends of Outer Island
PO Box 305
Branford, CT 06405



Email Contact:
For information or questions, please click the button below:





Board Meetings
Board meetings are generally held on the second Monday of the month at a Branford location.  Anyone may attend the meeting.  Members can not vote or take part in discussions at board meetings. Members will be given time to make presentations to the board and ask questions.

Governing Board

Mark Anton - Communications

Virginia Baltay - Facebook Upkeep/ Outreach 

Ian Bergeman - Scheduler of Volunteers

Richard Boardman -Recorder

Lew DeLuca - Finances

Nicole Palffy-Muhoray - Social Media/Archive Recorder

Suzan Sullivan - Education

Kenny Foscue

Heather Smiranowski 

Corey Smith

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