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  • In what year did Elizabeth Hird donate Outer Island to the US Fish & Wildlife Service?
  • True or False? The Thimble Islands Ferry is the only way to access Outer Island.
    False. Non-motorized watercraft such as kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, row boats or dingy's are allowed to land on the designated beach in front of the pavillion. Boats may tie up at the floating dock for a limited time and must not project past the front of the dock.
  • The first structure was built on Outer Island in 1889 by whom?
    Addison Emery Verrill who was 1st Professor of Zoology at Yale, and curator at Yale's Peabody Museum.
  • Leonard & Grace Weil purchased the island in what year?
  • What structure is said to have been built in memory of Danky Weil?
    The Moon Garden
  • True or False? Groups are permitted to visit Outer Island.
  • Pink granite from Stony Creek was used in what buildings?
    The Torosaurus at Yale's Peabody Museum, the base of the Statue of Liberty and at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C.
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