Questions & Answers

How can I order EXTRA Trial Exams?

Orders can be placed by submitting our online order form or by downloading our order form here and returning it to

How are EXTRA Trial Exams delivered?

All trial exams are delivered via email in PDF format by July 2021 to the point of contact provided on the order form.

When will I receive my order?

All trial exams will be delievered in July 2021.

Who are EXTRA Trial Exams available to?

We are only able to provide our trial exams to schools that offer VCE, in order to maintain their integrity as assessments in those schools. Orders should be submitted with a School Purchase Order number to verify this. If you do not provide a purchase order number, we will verify your order before delivery. For this reason, we are unable to provide our trial exams directly to parents, tutors or tutoring agencies, individual teachers and teachers who are no longer working at a school that offers VCE.

Who writes EXTRA Trial Exams?

All our trial exams are written by accomplished Victorian secondary teachers who are highly regarded in their respective VCE subjects, and have been or are currently assessors. However, we do more than this to ensure our exams are of the highest quality. Our trial exams are not released until July, enabling us to test and refine them throughout the year with a thorough vetting process. We will always prioritise the quality of our resources to ensure students and teachers alike have a good experience with our material.

I’m a parent, how can my student access EXTRA Trial Exams?

As a parent, you can contact your student’s school to request that the relevant subject teacher place an order. Our trial exams should only be used as a school/ teacher-led resource.